Pokertox: Botox For Your Pokerface

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A doctor in New York is creating a facial regimen for a different type of client then your average bear. Dr. Jack Berdy, a doctor of aesthetic medicine, has just begun advertising his “Pokertox,” a combination program of both Botox and other facial fillers meant to help out the serious poker player keep his opponents in the dark.

This is certainly a more intuitive type of medicine, and involves significant discussion between doctor and patients so as to identify what the poker player’s tells might be, in order to more accurately hide the facial movements that might give their emotions, and thus their position in the game, away.

“Pokertox” can also be used defensively, with Dr. Berdy saying that ” we can also but Botox in areas to make it look like the player has a tell which they really don’t have.” The effects of “Pokertox” only last three to four months, requiring the more serious players to invest regularly on this aspect of their game.The product is a result of the doctor’s personal involvement in gambling and the more nuanced realms of his profession.

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