Remember Collectible Trolls? They’re Back!

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I just got a serious retro-rager for the days of my yesteryear…

Remember Trolls? Those cute little fuzzy children’s collectibles that fill up your room with the smell of fresh made rubber?  Well they’re back, and it’s made me very giddy; I still fantasize about the days of my youth when I used to hang around with my Blue Jays Troll. (Ohhh how I’ve grown… into a man who likes to talk about Trolls)

Dark Horse Comics will be releasing Trolls on society once again come June 15th. They will be available in all the colors you see above, but I’m personally waiting for a special edition Lebron James troll to be released. If it looks anything like my rendition seen below, I think you should too.




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2 thoughts on “Remember Collectible Trolls? They’re Back!

  1. Callum Gillies

    I got regifted a karate troll once with a jewel in its belly button. I hated it.

  2. Daniel Phillips

    The ones with Jewels were for chicks!

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