Rise of the Apes: Gorillas Outsmart Poachers

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It appears that while we have all been distracted by the rising popularity of the vampire/witch/zombie apocalypse we forgot to look around right here on earth. It appears that the intelligence of wild apes has been making some noticeable leaps and bounds. Perhaps you think that this is a strong dose of Planet of The Apes related paranoia, but apes have been caught up to some antics far from throwing their own feces.

Several young gorillas were witnessed deactivating snares by field members of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. Not only was the snare spotted and announced by a member of the Gorilla party before any harm occurred, it was immediately dismantled by the group. A member of the Karisoke Research Center described such actions as displaying “impressive cognitive function.”

In addition to this and similar sightings, a group of scientists in Senegal spotted a group of chimpanzees hunting smaller animals…with sharpened sticks. Frightened yet?

Image Credit: Wikipedia

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