The 5000 Fingers of Dr.T [Dr.Suess' Forgotten Masterpiece]

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Dr.Suess is a part of almost every living North American person’s childhood. We all have fond memories of learning to read with his ingenious nonsense. In fact, his books have stayed consistent top sellers for well over 60 years. It might come as a surprise to many then that he also created and wrote a relatively unknown movie back in 1953.

Titled “The 5000 Fingers of Dr.T”, this insanely strange exercise in the absurd plays out like a children’s movie from another dimension. While it bombed on initial release, it’s since became a cult hit (and rightfully so). Having watched it again fairly recently, I truly cannot believe Dr.Suess was even remotely sane. The sets, songs, story and choreography seem like something a schizophrenic martian with an oedipus complex might create on an overdose of mescaline.

Without ruining too much, the movie takes place in a young boy’s dream after he falls asleep during a piano lesson. The titular Dr.T is his strict piano teacher (who’s also trying to pork his mom). Dr.T becomes the antagonist of the story as Bart (the young boy) tries to save his mother from his evil, hypnotic clutches. The rest of the plot is to odd to even explain.

For those that enjoy Dr.Suess or anyone that appreciates the truly bizarre this movie is seriously worth a watch.

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