Spider-Man Eats Free at Carl’s Jr. This July 4th

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Dress up like Spidey and come in to Carl’s Jr. this 4th of July. You’ll get a FREE Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger!
No masks please!

This July 4th at Carls Jr. dressing as Spiderman will earn you a free grilled cheese bacon burger. If they’re 100% serious about this promotion, which it seems they are on their website, two of my childhood dreams just came true. One of those dreams is to dress as Spiderman in public and have it considered “socially acceptable”. And two, free bacon cheeseburgers.

The organization asks if you come not to wear your mask; which makes perfect sense as they’ll probably get held up by a masked spiderman at some point during this promotion.

Cheeseburgers, here I come!


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