Supposed Dead Man Turns Up At Funeral

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A man got quite the homecoming when he showed up at his own wake.  Gilberto Araujo, a forty one year old Brazilian man, gave his family a terrific shock when he walked into the wake in which his family members, who he has not seen in four months, were mourning his theorized murder.

His mother, Maria Mendes, stated that “It was a fright,” with other family and friends fainting, while still others fled the room. The confusion came from the body of a murder victim being misidentified at Mr. Araujo.

Upon walking into the room and seeing his family again, Mr. Araujo, a car washer by profession, insisted “Guys, I’m alive, Pinch me!” Upon hearing of his supposed death Araujo tried to call his family and friends, who dismissed it as a prank. The corpse has been returned and as of now has yet to be identified.


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