The Mummy of King Tut’s Grandmother Found

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Archeologists have discovered the tomb and mummy of Shert Nebti, a member of Egyptian royalty who was also the grandmother of the infamous boy king King Tutankhamun. The princess’s tomb has ignited a flame underneath the archaeology world, as the 4,500 year old mummy has inspired hopefuls that there may be more tombs for the discovering nearby.

The tomb was discovered by archeologists from the Czech Institute of Egyptology just outside Cairo. The daughter of King Men Salbo, little was known about her life and that of her family. The tomb was decorated by by hieroglyphics that noted her significance on four limestone pillars. She was however, found alone.

This tomb has led to the potential for other tombs, perhaps connected to Shert Nebti’s, to be found in the area, and further investigations to that effect are assumed to be in the works. Shert Nebti’s tomb is not open to the public.

Image Credit: Getty Images



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