Three Loco Destroy a Golf Course in New Video for “Bong Hits”

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The latest brainchild of Diplo’s Mad Decent imprint, Three Loco have returned with a new video, this time for their track “Bong Hits.”

The video sees the group, featuring Riff Raff, Dirt Nasty (Simon Rex) and Andy Milonakis, ripping around on a golf cart, subsequently destroying a golf course.

Penned by Riff Raff himself, the group is described with the following description:

You think RiFF RAFF is random, electric, eccentric, wait until you see this new project that has just been announced by Diplo & Mad Decent … They go by “Three Loco” its a New iconic Super Entertainment Group which will release Music Soundtracks as well as Movies and TV Shows. Made up of 3 wealthy Hollywood friends including the legendary Andy Milonakis who formerly used to Own MTV with his own show for 5 years and seems to just be financially successful at anything he does and also Dirt Nasty, the new star of Scary Movie 5 , along with Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Logan, Chris Elliott and MANY more SuperStars which will be in Movie Theaters across the World this Spring. Make sure to check out anything these THREE LOCO Compadres introduce to you or someone is gunna get punched in the Chimichungas! Cuz these Lone Rangers will be heating up the screens in a theatre and In your Smokin Hot Sisters Car stereo soon, (but not your ugly sister… She smells to funny to laugh at Good Quality Entertainment) These Señoritas Won’t be Stopping the Verbal Hot Tamales any time soon.”

So, if you’re into that sort of thing, check out what can only be described as the weirdest hip hop project of the year. For better of for worse, that chorus will get stuck in your head.


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