V/H/S - A New Horror Genre Classic?

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I don’t know much about this title yet, but it’s getting some really good buzz. The trailer looks pretty intense though perhaps a little scattered.

From what I’ve gathered, the plot revolves around a group of fellas who are hired to steal a specific VHS tape from a house. They end up coming across a huge collection, watching some of the videos and getting a whole lot more than they bargained for.

The format of watching the tapes allows for 5 separate stories within a story, each directed by someone else and tackling a completely different sub genre (ie. slasher, vampire, paranormal)

I’m a huge fan of anthology horror movies so I’ll be checking out the Canadian premier July 11th at the Bloor Cinema. If you’re a big horror fan and you live in Toronto I’d suggest you do the same.

Another recent anthology flick to check out is 2007′s “Trick’r Treat” starring Anna Paquin and the little kid who played Thermin Mermin in Bad Santa.

Some Buzz:

“Every segment has something different to offer horror fans….slashers, aliens, ghosts and even a hybrid cat/vampire.. See this as soon as you can!”

“A fun and terrifying collection… Prepare to be scared!”

“A damn fine piece of satisfying horror….V/H/S not only does it right; it finds five or six different ways to do it right!”


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