Wayne Brady and Co. Return to Improv in New Television Comedy

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Remember when “Whose Line is it Anyway?” was the best and funniest show on television? Wayne Brady remembers, and although he has stayed increasingly busy since the hit-shows end, it appears as though he is returning to the stage that brought the most laughs.

A new show will premiere on ABC tomorrow night called, “Trust Us With Your Life.” The improve show will feature Brady as well as a few of his Whose Line? co-stars. Dan Patterson, the man behind the American and British versions of Whose Line? Will produce, with comedic legend Fred Willard hosting.

Both Wayne and Colin Mochrie will star, as well as a collection of guest improvisers who will reenact the lives of celebrities. Rather than play off of Audience suggestions, this show will invite celebrities to share information about their lives, as the improvisers create a comical scene. Celebrity guests this season will include: Ricky Gervais, Jerry Springer, Jack and Kelly Osbourne, Serena Williams, and David Hasselhoff. If you feel like having a laugh tune in Tuesdays on ABC at 9 PM EST.


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