CBS Buys Rights to Turn “Draw Something” Into Television Series

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We have learned that a movie based on the “Angry Birds” franchise is already in the works, so it only seems fitting that CBS has acquired the rights to produce a television series based on the very popular “Draw Something” mobile game.

CBS will turn the Pictionary copycat into a game show, after winning a bidding war with several other networks. Ryan Seacrest has already placed his production role in the drivers seat.

The show will include celebrities and everyday players competing in front of a live audience while viewers at home will have the chance to play along and win as well.

In just six weeks, Draw Something brought in over 35 million downloads (that’s the entire population of Canada!) so, it seems as though there will be an audience for this latest series. Although, the last time CBS attempted to turn a viral hit into a TV Series, was with the popular Twitter account “Shit My Dad Says”, which was cancelled after just one season. It doesn’t look like the odds are in their favour.


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