Adam West is Listed as Both Batman and Bruce Wayne in the Phone Book

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While the phone book isn’t the most popular reading now a days, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain some, well, interesting information. Adam West, the actor who portrayed the famous caped crusader in the sitcom as well as in the sixties film, has quite an interesting listing in his local phone book.

The actor currently resides in Idaho, and his local phone book recognizes all of his identities. Upon searching for the phone number of Adam West, users of the phone book are then directed to “see Wayne, Bruce (millionaire),” which then directs them to “crime fighters in the yellow pages,” ending with “Batman” in the white pages.

Clearly some phone book company employees have quite the sense of whimsy which had led them to conceal West’s phone number in such a charming fashion. Cheers to them for giving the phonebook such much needed love!


Image Credit: Uproxxx


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