NCAA Bans Photo Filters for Recruitment Purposes

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No thanks, I’ll just have my picture plain, please

It’s no secret the NCAA has its fair share of problems: Sandusky, Calipari, Duke’s lacrosse team, all sorts of rule violations that go mainly unnoticed, etc. So for the NCAA to act as a moral authority would be worrisome…right? Well anyone who follows the NCAA knows that they already try to do this, by not allowing players to receive any form of compensation or rewards for their playing time or market value, even though the NCAA made nearly a billion dollars in revenue two years ago.

And yet without a note of irony, the NCAA, in a new educational column regarding sending photographs as attachments, has decided that is a violation of NCAA rules to use filters (official legalese: any photograph that has been altered or staged) for recruiting purposes.

Oh ya, NCAA, you guys are really levelling the playing field here by outlawing smart phone apps that cost between $0 and $0.99. I’m sure all high school athletes banking on D-1 scholarships are going to pick their school based on who uses lo-fi over Kelvin. But really, if you’re using Kelvin, you probably shouldn’t be on Instagram anyways.


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