Red Bull’s Latest Project Lets You Drive an F1 Car From Your Chair

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How badly have you wanted to drive a racecar? Driving at top-notch speeds, careless, but in complete control. While many of us may never get to experience the rush, a new technology is helping us live the dream.

A Norwegian company, Making View, has teamed with Red Bull to fit one of the company’s custom-develop cameras atop one of the “energy drink dynasty’s” F1 cars, while Sebastien Buemi speeds through the course.

What results is the video which you can watch after the jump, in which you can click and scroll around giving yourself a completely immersive 360 panoramic view of the experience as the racer reaches speeds of up to 200mph.

Motorsports seem to have been left in the dust while other sports embrace cutting edge technology, so this is a welcomed project for fans of the sport.

Remember though, best to keep your eyes on the road.

Watch the video here


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