Smartphone Battery Life Is About To Double Thanks to New Technology

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The epitome of first world problems is quite possibly the low battery signal on your cell phone. I’ll be the first to admit, I make too many decisions based on the potential battery life of my phone. Besides that, the main thing stopping cell phone developers from making major advancements with the technology is the current norm for battery life on such devices.

So, a Massachusetts-based startup Eta Devices has aimed to solve this problem through developing a new power amplifier that could double the battery life of devices such as smartphones.

“Inefficiencies in RF power amplifiers, which convert low-power radio signals into higher-power signals, are blamed for much of the power loss in cell phones and other devices, and this new breakthrough could have a tremendous impact on the industry. Eta Devices is hoping to make its new technology commercially available beginning next year in LTE base stations before scaling the tech down to microchips at some point after that.”

Fantastic news, Who knows that this will mean for heavyweights like Apple and Microsoft who literally spend billions of dollars making investments in this kind of research.

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