Russian Stiletto Racing

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I often fall on weird things in the nexus of the internet.

How Did I Get Here?” posts are going to be my new outlet for sharing some of the really odd ones with Cultso readers.

I’m not saying they’re all funny, I only post them because they’re so bloody strange - especially in the context of just stumbling on them in internet journeys.

After watching a bunch of funny sports videos I stumbled upon Russian Stiletto Racing (which is totally badass as you’ll see). After a search for more clips on the subject, my Youtube pulled up a video entitled “Dead Porn Stars Memorial”.

How can a search for something as fun as Russian Stiletto racing lead to one of the most depressing videos I’ve seen in a long time? Everything about the video is so insanely sad, it almost breaks through the threshold in dark comedy. Not quite though. Due to the super sad nature of the “Dead Porn Star Memorial” (listen to the lyrics of the song!), I’m not even including it here (search that one out yourself. I’m only showing the fun one).

The Stiletto race is an annual event, with winnings this year of 100,000 roubles.

These women are nuts!


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