Two Verizon Employees Arrested for Stealing Nude Pictures from Customer’s Phone

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Two foolish Verizon employees are in a heap of trouble after allegedly stealing a slew of inappropriate photos from a customers’ phone.

The two employees worked at a Verizon store in Bartow, Florida where one, Joshua Stewart, 24, helped a local waitress transfer Stuart data from an old cell phone to a new one. Unbenounced to her however, Stewart kept a plethora of images for himself.

Stewart kept the photos, and showed them to a colleague, Gregory Lampart, 26, who also kept copies of the pictures for himself.

The theft came to light when a local bartender came to the store to have his phone services. Stuart asked the man if he knew any of the local waitresses, because he had some “banging pictures” of one of them. Stuart then proceeded to show the man 21 out of 22 of the lewd pictures, which sounds incredibly awkward for everyone involved.

Unfortunately for Stuart, this man was friends with the woman in question and wasted no time telling her what had happened, and subsequently called the police to inform them.

According to the police report, the woman described the photos as “very private in nature and several depict her breasts and vagina,” making this a rather sensitive issue. The woman was able to positively ID the two staffers and acknowledged that she had not given any consent for the information to be copied.

The police found the images on a laptop and two phones belonging to Lampart who confessed to stealing the images.

Lampart has now been charged with two felony counts of dealing in stolen property and offenses against computer users, plus a misdemeanor theft count and probable cause on a charge of handling lewd materials. Stuart, however, is currently out of state. He will face charges when (or if) he returns.

Seriously, how dumb can you be to do something like this? There’s more than enough nudie pics on the internet boys.




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